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Top 5 Tips to Gain More Instagram Followers

1. Determine your brand identity and stay true to it. Take a moment to decide the overall purpose of your page. What themes do you want to convey? Are you selling products or services? What colors, fonts and images best represent your brand? Once you determine your brand identity, it will be easier to develop social media strategy for creating content on Instagram. 

2. Post consistently. Always consider quality over quantity when determining your posting schedule. For example, you do not need to post every day if you find it difficult to develop new content for your brand. Consistency is key. It is better to post two or three times a week with quality content. 

3. Implement a hashtag strategy. Hastags are critical to the success of your brand and attracting new followers. Research relevant and trending hashtags for your target audience and industry. 

4. Post engaging photos and videos. Invest in professional photography, social media marketers, graphics designers and videographers to ensure your brand has a professional look on Instagram. 

5. Use Instagram’s geotag feature. Geotag your photos -- places you're at or places where your target audience would be visiting. For example, if you post about coffee, tag Starbucks. That way people who are into Starbucks and search that geotag will see your post, engage with it and ultimately follow you.

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