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Avant Garde Digital Media (AGDM) is an award-winning boutique digital media firm headquartered in Laurel, Maryland. We provide strategic and innovative digital media support for brands in all industries, with a particular emphasis on art, culture, politics, food and fashion. AGDM pushes past the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm to create a unique experience for each client. Our cutting-edge digital outreach strategies set trends, inspire movements, increase sales and strengthen your brand's online presence across the globe. Click here to download our Marketing Kit. 



Our mission is to expand our clients' digital footprint through proven social media marketing, branding, and public relations strategies. 




We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients become global social media influencers positioned at the forefront of their industries. 


A solid digital media strategy begins with research. We listen to your audience and understand their needs. Next we identify how your brand can best meet these needs. This understanding is then applied to our proven framework to help you achieve your goals— from increasing brand awareness to driving customer engagement or generating more online leads.


What makes information worthy of being shared, linked to, reposted, retweeted or repinned? Timely, relevant, quality content. However, developing quality content such as blog posts, Facebook posts, or Tweets takes a significant amount of time, resources, planning and expertise. Our content development services can help you create quality content with maximum efficiency on multiple social media networks.


We’re all about delivering great results. Our methodology involves well-timed outreach that delivers the return on investment that you seek. We provide clients with measurement and analytics to ensure that we reach our goals together. 



Implement your tailored, winning digital media strategy now. Call 301.778.8208. 

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