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Darise S. Deal is CEO and Founder of the award-winning digital media firm Avant Garde Digital Media (AGDM). Founded in 2013, AGDM consults with businesses on how branding, digital media and public relations strategies can help them successfully establish a brand, reach more customers and grow their business in a digital marketplace. Ms. Deal's diverse clientele includes high profile individuals such as politicians, CEOs, industry leaders, socialites, realtors, personal chefs, attorneys, pastors, and more.

Ms. Deal is a skilled communications strategist with expertise in public relations, digital media marketing and event planning. After more than a decade in corporate America, Ms. Deal stepped out on faith and left her job to pursue entrepreneurship. She knew there was something greater on the inside that she wanted the world to experience. Ms. Deal is a "social savvy" consultant, who is passionate about raising awareness of various initiatives, causes and brands through online marketing. In October of 2016, Ms. Deal was honored with the prestigious Metro Phenomenal Woman Award for her leadership in business and community service. 

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