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New Year, Same Goals

Every new year, entrepreneurs get excited, set goals, make resolutions and declare that "this year" will be their most successful year yet. However, the reality is, that by January 30, most of us have already fallen off the wagon.

The issue for most entrepreneurs is that they tend to set unrealistic goals and when they fail, it is often difficult to recover. Here are a few steps to ensure that you are successful in 2018.

1. The key is to first write down a plan and then set a few small manageable goals that will help you move closer to your long-term goals. When you see it on paper, you can start to visualize and believe it.

2. Always celebrate when you reach a goal, no matter how small. Work hard daily to ensure that you don't lose momentum. Make a list and cross goals off as you go along.

3. Choose a seasoned mentor in your field who can help you navigate through challenging times.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have similar goals. This will help to keep you focused and motivated.

5. Organization is key. Take some time out in the new year to think through your process. For example how to you accept payments, draft proposals, set meetings, or host events? If you are unorganized, you will have a difficult time achieving anything in life or business.

Remember to relax and give yourself credit for at least starting the process. Even if you fall off, do not quit.

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