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Scoping Out Periscope

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live video streaming app owned by Twitter that allows users to broadcast from their device to anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, 1 million users joined Periscope in the first 10 days after it launched in February 2015! Periscope attracts users of all ages, genders and personalities. In fact, many brands are now turning to Periscope because of its unique ability to connect with audiences from around the globe. Users can sign up for a free Periscope account with their Twitter login credentials. If a user does not have a Twitter account, they can also sign up with a cell phone number. Periscope users have followers, similar to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For those using Periscope with Twitter, the Periscope app gives users the option to send a notification to their Twitter followers prior to a broadcast.

How Does Periscope Work?

A Scoper is commonly referred to a person or brand that is on the Periscope platform. Live broadcast sessions are called scopes. Scopers give broadcasters "hearts" to show their love during a scope. Hearts are then tallied and added to a Scoper's profile. Scopes are recorded and can be replayed up to 24 hours later, before they automatically delete. Scopes can also be saved to a users device and uploaded to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

What Makes an Effective Scope?

Scopers broadcast anything and everything! However, the same advice does not apply to business owners. Businesses should focus on scoping useful information, tips and tricks, how-to training sessions, or behind the scenes footage to consumers. Consider your target audience and how they might best receive information.

Tips for New Periscope Users

Rehearse Content Beforehand. Remember, Periscope is a live broadcast. There are no second chances. Even if you make a mistake, it's okay! Keep your composure and keep going.

Write a Catchy Title. This is your opportunity to attract scopers to tune in to your scope. Keep your titles short and compelling.

Do Not Read! This is a common mistake businesses often make. Scopers will be able to tell if you are reading content. Remember, you are the expert in your field. Your delivery should be conversational and relaxed. Speak about what you know.

Scope in a Professional Background. As a professional in your industry, it's best to scope from an office setting. Scoping from your bedroom or other areas of your home may not make a good impression on your viewers. Make sure the location is clean and tidy.

Be Camera-Ready. While it may not be necessary to wear a suit, you should always dress to impress. Remember, scopes allow business owners the opportunity to communicate with existing customers and to gain new ones. First impressions matter, even on Periscope.

Simplify Your Message. Explain your topic without using jargon. Repeat your call to action at least three times throughout the scope. Keep your scope short and concise, no longer than 3 minutes, unless you are conducting a training session.

Be Interactive. Scopers will have the ability to ask questions during your scope. The biggest mistake businesses make is ignoring these questions. Be flexible and pause to take a few questions. If you can't address all the questions live, announce that questions can be emailed after the scope.

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