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Grow Your Digital Media Presence

Start with a Plan

Social media marketing, business blogging and public relations strategies can help businesses successfully establish their brand, reach their customers and grow their business in a digital marketplace. Social media marketing is a powerful strategy for business owners; however, it should ALWAYS be integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to achieve strong results.

First, begin with solid market research. Take the time to listen to your audience and understand their needs. Focus groups and one-on-one interviews are a great way to gain insight into your target markets. Next, identify how your business can best meet the needs of your target audience. This understanding will then be applied to help your business to reach its marketing goals— from increasing brand awareness to driving customer engagement or generating more online leads.

Social Media Integration

Once your company has developed a solid marketing strategy, a social media plan can be integrated to complement outreach efforts. For example, your social media outreach should target customers by similar interest areas and demographics. Social media advertising campaigns are a strategic method to help achieve this goal. In addition, always integrate social media efforts into events like conferences, trade shows, meetings, etc. Post company press releases, announcements, events, products and services on appropriate social media sites and encourage clients and partners to share the information.

Social Media Tips for Businesses

  • Share timely, relevant, quality content to encourage followers to repost and share.

  • Work with a graphic designer or social media manager to create bold, professional graphics for posts.

  • Develop an editorial calendar to create a cohesive layer to content startegy.

  • Focus on results. Measure success regularly and adjust outreach as necessary.

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