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12 Days of Giveaways: Day 9 - Train Your Staff

Day 9 of our “12 Days of Giveaways” blog continues with understanding the importance of training your staff on how to properly promote your products and services to accurately reflect your brand, mission, vision and goals.

In order for a company to master social media marketing during the holiday season, it requires diversity and inclusion among the digital team. At some point, we’ve all seen an ad on social media and we’ve wondered who approved it because it lacks diversity, it may come across as insensitive to some followers, or worse the ad contains blatant racist, homophobic or xenophobic undertones.

If your staff does not understand your vision for the company, then how will you build together as a digital team? Not only does your staff need to know your company's goals, messages, and vision, but they must also know how to be culturally sensitive and inclusive -- at all times. When building your digital team, consider bringing together professionals from various backgrounds who can each provide a different view to help strengthen your overall strategy.

Mitzee Mandocdoc is a social media blogger for Avant Garde Digital Media.

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