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Facebook Live: The New Reality TV

Facebook users now have the ability to go live on Facebook, which allows your Facebook friends to view a live video stream of your broadcast. Once you begin streaming, your friends will receive a notification that you are now live. Friends can tune in and even make comments during your live stream. In addition, if your friends miss the Facebook notification, they will receive alerts if their friends "like" the broadcast. Users report seeing higher engagement and video views with Facebook Live, mainly because of the notifications.

We live in an era where social media can be real, live, raw and goes viral within a matter of minutes. Facebook Live can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, when used strategically. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. You can use Facebook Live from your personal Facebook page or your business page. Think strategically about your goal to determine which page will be more effective. For example: Do you have an audience of 5,000 friends on your personal page that will likely be interested in your broadcast? Or, maybe you have a targeted group of 1,000 fans on your business page that might have an interest in your products, services or events. Test out both options to determine the best strategy.

2. Only go live when you have something relevant to say or show. This is key. Many Facebook users and companies are over using this new feature and streaming content that does not resonate with their target audiences. Some great examples of Facebook live videos include: a product launch, a speech by company leadership, a trade show, a special event, a Q&A session with viewers, etc.

3. Make sure your phone is set to "do not disturb." If you receive a call during the broadcast, it will affect the video quality and live streaming.

4. Broadcast on Facebook Live long enough for viewers to get a sense of what is happening. The longer you go, the more likely you will gain viewers and those viewers make ask you questions during the broadcast.

For more information on developing a Facebook Live strategy, call 301.778.8208.

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